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Chasing storms in Sequoia National Park

My goal while visiting Sequoia National Park was to challenge myself by focusing on intimate and abstract park features to capture using a long lens. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions: a light dusting of fresh snow, no wind, and a sunny morning.

As I walked through the Congress trail in search of the perfect snowy scene, I was thankful to be the only one around. The only footprints around were mine and what sounded like a few rabbits who woke up earlier than me. Moving from one tree grouping to the next, I was looking for soft reflective sunlight. I passed these trees, happened to turn around when I heard a noise and immediately saw what I was looking for. Three beautiful sequoias, each speckled with pristine snow, shining in the magic morning light. With clouds and fog constantly moving above, this vibrant glow only lasted about two minutes.

Fleeting moments like this are incredibly exhilarating but they’re also a friendly reminder to me that even in popular and heavily photographed places like National Parks, there’s always something unique that hasn’t been captured yet. And to me that is the most rewarding part of photography.

Exif: Canon 5D mark iv

(Canon 100-400mm ii)

.5 sec | iso 100 | f16

Tripod Slik Cf-134

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