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Pastel Yosemite Morning

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Finally, the conditions I spent years dreaming about. Yosemite National Park, on a calm morning, just the right amount of clouds for those sunrise colors to pop, along with pristine fresh powder delicately blanketing the trees and riverbank.

I knew the storm was coming but wasn’t quite sure if I’d get anything with such unpredictable weather patterns. I also had my friend, Esme with me who had come all the way from Europe to see Yosemite for her very first time. I really wanted her to have fun, so the pressure was on. However, I knew she was tough and willing to endure the freezing whiteout conditions coming our way. We spent the day before this exploring the park, hiking, and throwing snowballs at children (just kidding! at each other). When the storm set in and I had my first ever 360 degree spin out (literally on my way to put on snow chains) we called it a day and hunkered down by the fireplace in the village pizzeria.

The next morning, I woke up late!! I was so irritated with myself when I peeked out the window and saw sunrise waited for no woman *tears*. So, I scrambled to get myself in order, trudged about a hundred yards through a foot of snow, hopped over a fence or two, meanwhile adjusting my camera settings and extending my tripod. And then through the trees to this iconic spot we planned ahead of time, we were shocked to have it all to ourselves. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We were both in awe of this spectacular scene.

Usually I’m doing these things solo, which I love, but the experience is a hundred times better when you share moments like this with your favorite humans. Exactly one year ago today, such good times with great company.

Exif: Canon 5D mark iv

(Canon 24-105)

.6 sec | iso 100 | f16

Tripod Slik Cf-134

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