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The Yellowstone Life

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Stories from life in Yellowstone 2019:

My weekend was spent somewhere up high with a herd of mountain goats. Observing them in this mid-shed stage reminded me of just how long I’ve been in Yellowstone and how fortunate I am to experience the seasons change throughout the months.

In April, everything was covered in 20+ feet of snow. Soon babies arrived, sooo many babies! Then, as the temperature increased, the rivers and creeks swelled -flowing fast with murky snowmelt. The wildflowers exploded with stunning varieties in every little corner of the park. Of course, it wouldn’t be Yellowstone without a bug invasion, which seemed to create it’s own hellish weather of mosquito clouds. And now, as the bison migrate north, very few remain here in the south, the “red dogs” are no longer red, and the males have begun to compete against each other and “court” the females. Watching and listening to hundreds of hormonal bison grunt and snort as they kick up the dry dirt is the most unreal and wild sound I’ve ever heard while hiking. I look forward to the next two months here as the season progresses. Tourist numbers will thankfully dwindle, the aspens will transform to a brilliant yellow, and my favorite.. snowfall. However, that also means I’m that much closer to going back to California. Sad face! For now though, “I’ll be here awhile, ain’t goin’ nowhere”.

Exif: Canon 5D mark iv

(Canon 70-300mm)

1/1000 sec | iso 1600 | f5.6


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